Sorry for the mess now. I am really in need of ideas for my cheerhouse and my spirit page...I must apologise again for all the construction debris around...:P


Do you like this cheer(s) that I've made up myself?

Tell the world what you believe in: THE CHERISHED TEDDY
Tell the world what you want to be: THE CHERISHED TEDDY
Tell the world why are you, of all team, a THE CHERISHED TEDDY
Say it proudly!
Say it loudly!
Say why are you a CHERISHED TEDDY

Allow a place deep in your heart
And let the TEDDIES find in there
A place where they will feel welcome
A place where they will be happy
Shout it out!
Yell it out!
Don't be afraid to show your heart

I have chanced upon the TEDDIES
and learnt the magic of this team
The fun, the spirit, and the joy
of being in a wonderful team.

I learnt we need to show our spirit
by fighting our sites as a team.
To help each other up when we fall
To push each other up level by level
The fun, the spirit, and the joy
unsurpassed by anything else
is what helds me firmly here with the CHERISHED TEDDIES

What a great idea it is!
Fighters, GO! SHOUT IT OUT!
Hesitate no more, you shall see,
the unparalleled fun it will be.
Come on then, SHOUT IT OUT!

It's a C, it's a C,
It's our Combat spirit!
It's a T, it's a T,
It's our Toughmind fighters!
Fall, we shall not fear,
Win, we wldn't jeer.
It's out Cherished Teddies' spirit, it's what you want to hear!

The fighting spirit gives me strength
Failing will not pull it away
Level by level, we compete and fight
with the aid of fellow members.
Want to hear my cheering spirit
Join the SF and fight together!

I beg you to come and see the SF
the land where fun never end
Join us here and learnt out magic
the spirit of all fight, the love and joy
Hesitate no more! Enter now!
i promise you fun and no regrets.

I guess cheering seems difficult at times
Especially when the brain doesn't show its might
Shall we let's all come together
And gather all the cheers in a land we will remember!

Wow! Let's go TEDDIES!
We cuddles and hugs when a Teddy make it
We SHOUT IT OUT and show our bliss
The friendly TEDDIES are here again

Let's go, TEDDIES
And all be happy!
Show our spirit, SHOUT IT OUT!
Don't be shy and let's be proud!

What have you heard? I heard
What have you seen? I saw
What did you hear, What did you see?
I hear the TEDDIES cheering and shouting!
I saw their spirit hight and showing!

These are blessings and gifts from other sites.

This is a gift from the site DRealm of DSpirit...I love it!It is angelic, isn't it?

DSpirit's Gift to me

This is a gift I got from signing the fairies guestbook!

The Fairy Beam Upon You
by Ben Jonson

The fairy beam upon you,
The stars to glister on you,
A moon of light
In the noon of night,
Till the firedrake hath o'er-gone you.

The wheel of fortue guide you,
The boy with the bow beside you
Run aye in the way
Till the bird of day
And the luckier lote betide you.

I am delighted to get this awards from my team, the Cherished Teddies!

Also, thanks a lot to DFairy Star who had given me the magical spirit page award!

Thank you to DFamily members who had been so kind as to bless my page.

This is Fairy Amethyst Dream from DCherished Teddies!

This is DPatrol Allie who had kindly approved my site into the SF!

This is DFairy Star who is in charge of all fairies!

I am now in the SF and have thought up this personal blessing of my own. Perhaps, I would use it to bless fighter's guestbooks! I think it will be fun!

The Megafairy had been here
And saw a pretty site endeared
close to ger heart, her spirit, her soul
She shall bless you upon this glow.

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