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Two years in a junior college is really a short time. Sad to say, it generally means that it is also harder to foster strongly locked friendships.

Despite the short timespan spent in JJC, I am glad in a way to say that I still have plenty of memories to make it a rather memorable period of my life.

My class 97A1 was an arts class, one of the three in JJC of the 97/98 batch. It was however a misfortune that our class is actually segregated by our various subject combinations, apart from the fact that our class is such a big class of 29 students. People taking the different humanities end up having lesser chances to meet each other.

Anyway, I do hope that some of you would be able to agree with me that our days in JJC is still memorable, especially those history and geography students who went to Thailand during March 1998. Scroll further to look back at some of the photos we took then.

The following are the photos from our JC years...

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.

Taken on our first malaysia trip, outside the tea factoryTaken after the trip, at Woodlands checkpointSecond photo at Woodlands
Group photo taken at the Airport before leaving for our Thailand field tripA group photo taken for the A1s who went on this tripTaken at Thailand before we go on the river cruise
Some A1 guys in front of the locker area

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