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U r listening to the midi Sukiyaki now

This page has been visited times.

This is a page where you can apply for my award! 

Please scroll further and read on....

I am very excited about this idea actually... 
I've seen lots of people receiving awards when all of a sudden, somebody told me that I can give an award out too. 

Of course, I understand that getting my award is not very prestigious, 
 since I am afterall still a novel surfer on the net...
but I will try to work things out...
maybe to hold a vote or something...
why don't you email me to give some suggestions? 

I have made my award of course and is well aware 
that it will be easily downloaded if I just put it up here...sign!
Meanwhile, I'll try to work things out, 
like how to prevent illegal downloading of my award etc...

This is the sample of my award "Megadolen's cute page award! I'll give only 10 out! Limited ! Email me to apply. Remember to include your contact email, your URL, the title, a short explanation of why you think you can win my award!

Remember! Only email appication will be entertained. There will be, at present, no dateline for this award!

Just a small request: those who win my award should be able to link your sites to mine... thanks!

I have decided to put this other award on so that siteowners of different types of sites will be able to win them! Similarly, only ten will be given out! They are "Megadolen's Angelic Award" and "Megadolen's Classic Award".

There is also no time limit for these award! Please spread the word around! Application will be in the form of email.


I'm pleased to announce the winners!
please check the link below to see the winners' page!


  1. Go to Clara's page!

  2. Garrett's Postpet Dominion

  3. Starlite Galaxy


  1. The Bureau for the Understanding and Research of Postpets - BURP!

  2. Welcome to Piggybabe's world!


You are welcome to give me an award if you see that this page is up to your standard...I have won 7 already!!!

I got this from Clara! Heehee...I gave her page an award too!Go to the middle of this page to go to her page!

This is Amanda's cool page award...quite surprised to win it actually!

This is really a pleasant surprise indeed! Her page is really of high, I am really proud of this award!

I must really thank you Susan for this award!!! Thank you!!! :)

Mel'sLittle World

Thanks Melissa!

Oh I love this award. It looks sweet, isn't it?

Sam and
Jills Cool Home Page

Thanks to Sam and Jill for their award...aren't the monkeys adorable?

Thanks Priscilla for the gold award! I am so glad abt it....thanks once again. :)

Thanks to Clara for giving me the best guestbook signer award! It's really sweet.

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