I am not very certain whether this will be successful...since I am afterall, not very good at this...but I enjoyed surfing the net for graphics so much that I began to make some for myself...of course, they are merely for personal use...

Now, I have decided to share these with you! There are not many...but I am just trying this out...*s*...do email me to give me your precious suggestions!

Before you go to my graphics and use them, I would like you to keep to the following rules.

  • You have to link back to me using the banner above or the small button on the main page.
    The html code is < A HREF="https://members.tripod.com/~meg01/graphics.html" >

  • You need to email to me to inform me about it.

  • Please do not take the graphics or buttons and say it is yours.

  • Please do not use them for any commercialised purposes!

  • I will appreciate very much for those of you to keep to these rules.

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