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Smurf is my favourite cartoon programme during my childhood. I remember how I used to love the way they talk. Small ( only 3 apples tall! ) though they are, but they are really cute, aren't they? Especially their mushroom house, I used to think it was cool!

Actually, I think smurf is an alltime is really a pity that I don't get to see it in my part of the world now... :(

Nevertheless, I still believe that smurf will always live in people's hearts, since they are simply irresistable! :D

Here, I am merely expressing when my love for smurf began. It is a real pity that I cannot provide some special smurf graphics, since I am not that resourceful. However, I have in fact, found some interesting smurf site on the web. Please, if you truly like smurf, go and have a look! You will probably find all favourite smurf! Have a nice "s~m~urf" !

Old Papa smurf read on...
Ever heard of adoption of smurf on your webpage? Well, I have recently adopted my own baby smurf! Go to my snazzy list of links to adopt your not get mine!

This is my adopted baby smurf! Isn't he cute? :)
Soon to come: More things for my own baby smurf! Furniture will be added and friends for him of course!

My Snazzy List of Links

Beth's Smurf Homepage
A great site on smurf
Such a Smurfy Druid Page
An essay on smurf? Read on...
Smurfy homepage of Henk de Wijs
Wow! Lots of smurfy links which you will find irresistable....
Smurf Village homepage
Want to adopt a smurf like mine? Look at this page and you will certainly satisfy your curiousity!

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