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Hello people...I guess you must be pretty sick at looking at another page dedicated to school classes and so forth... but I guess it just does not seem the same thing to site owners like me...well, this page is set up after a few minor problems , serious consideration of what I should include and a lot of others, most importantly, the meaning behind...

At this stage, perhaps I should introduce this class first...302/402 (95/96) of BPGHS...so, what is so different of this class? Perhaps this may sound a bit of self-appraisal, but I think all of us from this class are proud to say that we belong to it. From the moment we were all grouped together since secondary 3 till now, I can say that all of us have been having fun, doing things together as a class, participating in the traditional competitions that the school held, from preparations to victories ( though sometimes we din win, and it's not of utmost importance ), going for all those history trips, and chalets/outings, I'm sure all of us share certain good memories of the class...

My main purpose of this page is to freeze many of this good memories...using photos that we took during all these events...I'm sure many of you will be able to help with this, isn't it? Why not you scan some of the photos together with a slight description of the event...so that I can put up here...and also, I got to thank Tingting for lending me her very big album to scan some of the older school photos...it really makes the photo collection now bigger. :)

Also, I also would like to express appreciation to Ongky who had started this page, and now I'm taking over it. I sincerely hope that many of you will be able to respond and send it your pics soon, I'll be waiting anxiously for your pics =)

By the way, you can also visit Ongky's site here. Ong's Music Rendenzvous

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The following are the photos from our secondary school years...

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.

These are taken on the 7th April 1995 during our Sec 3 interclass sportsday.
Taken after our Sec 3 sports day
The guys having their formal group photo without much success...The gals taking their formal group photo that day, and of course, more successfully than the guys...
402 on the fielddismantling our stuff...

These are taken on the 15th July 1995 on our school alumni dinner. It was the school's 35th Anniversary.Look at the plate behind Mr Salim's head...
On BPGHS's 35th anniversaryOn BPGHS's 35th anniversary II

These are photos taken on our three history trips from 1995 to 1996.
1st trip-Rubber plantation and museum trips>
2nd trip-Farm visits
3rd trip-3days2nights trip to KL, Malacca, and Ipoh
1st trip-On the bus1st trip-On the bus II1st trip-During lunch
2nd trip-A few gals togetherLunch on the first daySome of the gals with our E Maths teacher, Mr PC Tan
Group photo taken next to the 
Perak River at Pasir SalekGroup photo at the Shyan Hotel at IpohGals photo at Pasir Salek too
The guys at lunch on day 3Some of the students at MalaccaGals at lunch
Groupshot taken at Malacca

This one is taken during our 1996 sports day.
Taken at 1996 sportsday

This is our official 302 class photo.
Our 302 official class photo

These are photos taken at Sungei Buloh.
Gals in Sungei BulohGroup photo in a pavilion in Sungei BulohSecond group photo at Sungei Buloh

This is a photo taken on teachers' day celebration.
402 informal photo on teacher's day

This photo is taken at Fairy Point Chalet after our O levels exams.
Taken in front of Fairy Point Chalet after our 'O' Levels

Check out the 402 Bulletin Board that Tingyou started!402 Bulletin Board

The following are the photos taken after we graduate from BPGHS.

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.

These are all chalet photos from 1997 to 1999.
1997-The gals on the bbq night1997-The gals on the way back to chalet, after a supermarket trip at Marine Parade1997-The guys on the front porch
1997-The group photo taken at the lobby when we were checking out of the chalet1998-Group photo on the first bbq night1998-Guys group photo
1998-Gals group photo1998-Checking out of the chalet once again....sad looks on all?

These photos are taken on the 1st May, on our latest gathering.

Taken at Marina MRT stationTaken after our steamboat dinner at MarinaTaken at Marina park
Taken on a big red clock structure!Taken along the bridge on our walk back to Millenia WalkAnother photo along that bridge
Another photo of the gals?!?One photo taken for the guys on that dayThe last class photo we took for that day...

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