I am a SF fairy

Hello! I think this page is sort of nice, isn't it? Haha...praising myself?! Anyway, I just want to say that it is a pity since I am no longer a fairy in the Site Fights. The entries below are done sometimes in September. But you are still welcome to visit my site! Enjoy! =0

Well, I am now waiting for my leader fairy of the Cherished Teddies for my first assignment!
Look at the gifts I got from DSpirit, DLight and DFairy when I became a fairy!

I got these welcomes from fellow fairies or other people from the SF family...Oh!

I got this from DFlex...

I got this from Fairynurse...

Look at my sprinkle!


The Megafairy had been here
And saw a pretty site endeared
Close to her heart, her spirit, her soul
She shall bless you upon this glow!

You have just been dusted by the Megafairy, the Cherished Teddies of the Sitefight!
Remember to keep the spirit going and burning bright!
Go SHOUT IT OUT! and post your cheers everyday!

Pass this spiritstick on!


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