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It is always great to find someone who appreciates your site...isn't it?

Vote for me at the sitefight then...remember! I'm a cherished teddy!

Hello site fighters...I have just signed up my site for the sitefight and is still waiting for the DPatrol to approve my site onto the sitefight!
And I hope it look pretty obvious that this page is dedicated to all sitefighers! Haha...I hope this will bring newcomers like me some encouragement =D

Please, if you are a sitefighter, or even if you are not, go and sign my guestbook!I have just brought it to all my pages so that none of my visitors will miss its existence. Also, I will appreciate it very much... =D

Please scroll further down a little to discover what team I am in!

I am going to enter my site into the CHERISH TEDDIES TEAM...and if you guys notice, my site has lots of teddy images...and I must stress that when I set out to make my first page on the web ( My craft page!), I did not deliberately serach for these teddy graphics...every one was a result of a coincidental visit to a free graphic site. But undeniably, my page dedicated to my postpet Jupiter, a teddy is meant to look bearish!!! I just wanted to show the world my virtualpet, the one and only Jupiter!

Well, I think it is only proper now that I write something relevant about my entrance into the sitefight *s*...and I am intending to have a page on cheers and another on link exchange with my team members-to-be...hehe...since I have not sign up yet! =D

Nevertheless, I do hope that this will turn out to be an enjoyable experience for me and a chance to cultivate a certain bond and to enjoy the feeling of belonging...=P

That is all for today...*10th September 1998, Thursday*

Today is *11th September 1998, Friday*!
I have create a "Megadolen's Cheerhouse and Blessings!" and my "Sitefight Link Exchange"...check them out...they are linked at the bottom of the page...go on first okay?

Eh...I have also done some adjustments to my page layouts and many other things about my site...hope that they are now more presentable..I wonder if the DPatrol has seen my page yet...Oh! I'm so curious and anxious!

Anyway, you can now go and explore my Cheerhouse and LinkExchange! Tell me how to you think about it okay??? ;-

Today is *15th September 1998, Tuesday*...
Yipee! I am now in the sitefights only...=)
Eh...what do you think of my page now? I hope that by 2 Mondays later, I will be granted to the sitefights already!

Well, for the DPatrols who might be here any moment, I thank you for looking at my site... ~*.*~

Today is *21th September 1998, Monday*...
Oh dear! The team leader told me that the DPatrols have difficulty assessing my page...I have to resubmit my site!:(
But don't worry, i have done so already...I will continue to keep my spirit up!Yeh!

Today is *23th September 1998, Wednesday*...
Yeah! I am approved to be in the SF finally! I am so glad...hope that you will see me through the rounds of fights, okay?

Remember, I am a Cherished Teddy!
Yeah! Go! Teddies Go!

Today is *2th October 1998, Friday*...
My "About Postpet" page will be competing in the sitefight on this coming Monday! 5th October! I am hence requesting those of you who are looking at this page now. Please go and vote for me okie? Scroll further to vote. Simply click on those banners to go to the voting site! :) Thank you for voting for me!

Today is *6th October 1998, Tuesday*...
I am really into this SF thing at this point...and I have even become Megafairy for DCherished Teddies! Please watch out for my fairy page now... :)

Today is *11th October 1998, Sunday*...
Hello! Great news! i am now officially Megafairy! And ,my fairy page is at Please go and see the gifts i got! Also, i am awaiting for my first assignments!

Other than my new appointment, i also advanced to the mama bear level from 12th of October onwards! We, the Cherished Teddies at the baby level did a marvelous job! All of us scored a perfect pass! Yipee!

Today is *20th October 1998, Tuesday*...
I am not in the sitefight anymore. Thanks to those of you who have been a regular supporter and have voted for me. Thanks so much! =)

Please vote for me here at the sitefights!

Hi! My site is fighting in the Cherished Teddies on the 5th October!***2th October 1998***

Support the SiteFights. Cast your vote at

Megadolen's Cheer House and Blessings
This is my sitefight link exchange!
Visit my adopted spirit!=)