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Hi friends!

It really took me sometime to get this thing up, I really dunno how I should describe this class, because it brings to me so many different kind of feelings. Honestly speaking, 1B/203 of 1993/1994 has always been one of the naughtiest class during those time...one of the reasons is because the guys are a majority in the class, with only EIGHT girls in it.

Furthermore, being at that tender age, most of us are still not aware of the need to cooperate, and we continue throughout as the class with the least sense of cooperation among the 4 express classes. With such "spirit", we participated in the school activities, almost always ending in angry situation which are out of our control. Such are the "hardships" we went through. The sad thing is not that we didn't do well, it is rather the fact that we didn't get to enjoy those things that we participate in. The joy of participation is deprived.

However, this did not last long fortunately, we did become a bit more united when we went on to secondary two. I remember how our class shares some interesting class jokes, or just simply something that we can all laugh at together..., for example, remember that "class motto", ren. We used to laugh at how it is aimed to control our temper and bad mood when we were being chided by the teachers, as a class of course.

Well, of course, many memories just swept by with time, it is a real pity that a lot of the photographs we took then were actually missing by now...I hope the two group photos can also bring back some of the memories of the class for some of you. If there is anyone who have some photos which we had taken back then, kindly just helped to scan them up and send by email to me , wjt80@yahoo.com .

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The following are the photos from our Secondary 1 and 2 years...

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.
The official 1B photoThe unofficial photo taken with Mrs Choong outside the biology lab

The following are the photos taken with the few good friends I have from this class

Please click on the thumbnails to see the actual size photo.
Taken in a teahouse in 1996A neoprint taken at Bugis Junction after we went for dinner at Seoul GardenTaken outside Jazz De Place at CCK
Taken at the playground at Meiqing's house.This is taken at the same place.Taken at the same playground, but different angle
Taken by the poolTaken outside the tennis courtTaken at the Suntec City fountain of wealth on Mingying's birthday
Mingying and Xiumei posing with their birthday cake...
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